Foreclosure Initial Clean-Up Generates Additional Income

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Initial foreclosure clean-up is another real estate income flow for real estate people. there are people making as much as $15,000 or $20,000 per month with an initial foreclosure clean-up business

 A number of real estate agents from around the US are making supplementary money from the initial foreclosure clean-up business. Several are also providing their assistance for the recurring lawn care necessary. They charge as much as $2,200 for a major initial clean-up, less depending the condition of the house. they clean-up 10-15 houses per month which adds up to $25,000 or more per month.

A number of real estate professionals started side businesses of initial foreclosure clean-up to supplement their real estate commission incomes when sales were down. They get all of their jobs from real estate agents that specialize in real estate foreclosure listings. their names can be found on listings of foreclosures on websites specializing in foreclosed homes. All that's necessary is just call those real estate agents letting them know you're available for initial clean-up work. Now I know that once in a while they may send you to the lender that's the owner of the house, but that's usually not the case. Local banks normally pay foreclosure specialist real estate agents to get the house cleaned out and they'll pay you. Big national banks employ asset management companies. You won't get much work from them.

This foreclosure initial clean-up business is an offspring of the ten-fold rise in foreclosures in just the past couple of years. Banks and other financial institutions are engulfed with these foreclosure properties that they now own and need to dispose of.

Homes that are found filled with toys, furniture, and even clothes. People just load whatever fits in their car and go. It can often take a two or three person crew a whole day to take it all away The cost is runs around $1,500 to $2,200.

Keep in mind that you're not about cleaning houses, You do not want to become a maid service. Oh, you can clean the counters off and clean the sinks. but no vacuuming or cleaning of stoves or windows. You're there to take away everything that's been left behind.. So how do you handle the removal of the items found and valuables or sometimes personal articles that are left behind? You'll usually have guidelines given by the agent handling the property. You submit an estimate for every job. If you win the bid, you will normally be provided with instructions on what you can or cannot do with those articles you remove. Sometime you will be advised not to sell articles or take them to garage sales or flea markets.

Sadly, sometimes there'll be articles that seem way too significant to be thrown away, birth certificates, driverís license, military discharge papers and other items. You will usually carefully put those items in a box or envelope and take them to those people that hired you to do the job. There is such a large number of people with financial troubles and you should hope someone else would do something similar for you or a member of your family. New Article Aug 1, 2011

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