Ways to Cut Down on Trash

No one Really Wants to Play a Role
in Our Mounting Landfills!

We toss things away away daily that create the bulk of the trash we through out and they shouldn’t even going into our garbage bins. Here's my top ways to generate less trash and you can even get started today.

1. Stop Shopping For Trash
Do a double take before you buy things like food, bottles of water, paper plates in serving sizes for one person. Other options exist which generate less trash like: borrowing or renting extra party supplies, using reusable containers and buying in bulk. That way, those things aren't waiting decades until they decompose in a landfill.

2. Recycle Your Paperboard!
Paperboard is that thin cardboard packaging which confines lots of the things we purchase: such as cereal boxes, packaging around toys, and even those tissue boxes. Nearly every curbside recycling program accepts paperboard although most won’t take pizza boxes. Why is that? Pizza box paperboard typically has greasy food deposit that is not the best for the process of recycling.

3. Paper Has Value
Are you recycling all that paper that gets into your home? You know, junk mail, school work, magazines, mail and such? Keep in mind that, ALL paper can be recycled which even includes colored papers and envelopes that have the little plastic window. The universal paper recycling rule is that if there's no food waste, you can recycle it.

4.Give a Second Life to Electronics
E-waste has become the quickest growing disposal issue in the nation. Electronics include heavy metals which are valuable, but dangerous. A good website for programs about buying back electronics along with a list of qualified recyclers can be found online.

5. Don't Waste Leftovers
You might be shocked to discover that one third of what we put inside our bags of trash is leftovers. An alternative to letting it rot in some landfill, is to compost it instead. There is a a short video at DoYourPart.com/Columns on ways to routinely do your own composting while making the perfect food for your lawns and gardens and it's free.

6. It's What You Aren't Wearing?
Well taken care of clothing holds considerable value and may be sold to other people using consignment stores or online sites like eBay. If you just want to donate them, think about Salvation Army, Goodwill, Dress for Success or shelters for battered women, Clothes which are torn although not chemically contaminated, may still be given to Goodwill. This type of clothing is sold to clothing recyclers in bulk.

7. Reuse, Reuse, and Reuse!
Don’t through out what can be reused. It doesn't matter if you turn milk cartons into inexpensive bird feeders, baby food jars to paint containers, or turn this the holiday cards for this year into gift tags for next year, there are many of ways for getting creative with items that might customarily end up going in the trash bin. This includes sporting equipment also. There are numerous shops which specialize in reselling gently previously used and worn items.

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New Article Feb 1, 2012

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