Assessor (property)

Exactly what does an assessor do?

An assessor as we commonly know it is county official that specializes in calculating the value of real and personal property used as the source for establishing the amount of monies to be assessed or collected or for insurance or tax reasons.

In Local county governments in the U. S, the local assessor is either elected or appointed as the official responsible for establishing the assessed value of every taxable real and personal property in a given municipality, county, or township; the results obtained are then employed by the tax district to figure the rate of taxation necessary to maintain the annual budget for that community. (This is a specialty of the aforementioned sense; someone who provides similar services for the private sector is more times than not labeled an appraiser or, in the insurance services, more specifically called an adjuster.) There is an assessors professional organization for which is a source for education, innovation, and research in assessment administration, property appraisal, property tax policy and administration, which is called the International Association of Assessing Officers.

Jan 10, 2011

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