Hoosier Inn

A quote from Gary Dyer "My parents owned the Hoosier Inn from 1946 until 1989. It started out as the Hoosier Cafe. It was a popular truck stop until the 99 bypass was built. That's when mom and dad decided to convert the old truck stop to a family restaurant. My mom, Charlotte, did the decorating and my dad, Charles, (Sonny to my mom) kept the good home cooking coming."

I know the quality declined after they sold it, so please remember the quality food and generous portions before the sale. It was a real family run business. My mom and grandmother were waitresses, dad ran the kitchen, and my sister Patti was a hostess and cashier. My first wife Bonnie was a hostess and cashier as well. Both of the grandkids, Tom and Katie, worked there too.

The entire staff of the Hoosier was more like a family than employees. Some worked there for forty years. I did almost all of the jobs there from dishwasher, host, cashier, busboy, baker and manager.

It was hard work with long hours. I guess that's why I became an airline pilot for United Airlines (1964 to 2001). Thanks for all the kind words and shared memories of the "Hoosier". Cheers to all of you and my heartfelt thanks for your kind words." - Torn down and replaced by a non-descript KFC