Manteca Unified School District


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Manteca Unified School District (MUSD) is based in Manteca California. MUSD operates schools in Manteca, Lathrop, French Camp, and Stockton (Weston Ranch). Schools in MUSD are year-round and traditional. Elementary schools are from Kindergarten to eighth grade. The balance of required education is finished in high school.

Weston Ranch Highland Band


Elementary schools

  • August Knodt Elementary School - 3939 EWS Woods Blvd. Stockton
  • The school was named after August Knodt, who was a Manteca Unified School District trustee. he was born on October 5 1919. he was married to Doris Knodt. August passed away on April 28 1989, at age 69. He was buried in Union Memorial Cemetery, Manteca, California, United States.
  • Brock Elliott Elementary School
  • French Camp Elementary School - 241 E. 4th Street, French Camp
  • George Komure Elementary School - 2121 Henry Long, Stockton Ca
  • George McParland Elementary School
  • Golden West Elementary School
  • Great Valley Elementary School (K-5th) - 4343 McDougald, Stockton Ca
  • Great Valley Elementary School (Annex) - 4550 Star Way
  • Joseph Widmer Jr. Elementary School
  • Joshua Cowell Elementary School
  • Lathrop Elementary School
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Neil Hafley Elementary School
  • New Haven Elementary School
  • Nile Garden Elementary School
  • Sequoia Elementary School
  • Shasta Elementary School
  • Stella Brockman Elementary School
  • Veritas Elementary School
  • Walter E. Woodward Elementary School
  • Mossdale Elementary School

High schools

  • East Union High School
  • Manteca High School
  • Sierra High School
  • New Vision High School - 4726 McCuen - Stockton Ca
  • Weston Ranch High School - 4606 McCuen - Stockton Ca
  • Lathrop High School
  • Calla High School
  • Lathrop High in California


  • New Vision Educational Center
  • Manteca Day School

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