Movies Made in & around Stockton

Many movies have been filmed in Stockton. Over the years, filmmakers have used Stockton's waterways to stand in for the Mississippi delta, the surrounding farmland as the American plains and Midwest, and UOP's campus as an Ivy League college. Some of the movies filmed in Stockton include:
7 Brides for 7 Brothers - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was executive produced by David Gerber for MGM Television and filmed on location In Stockton and at Murphys, California. The series' theme, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", was written by Jimmy Webb and performed by Phil Silas. The musical numbers were choreographed by Carl Jablonski. Michael J. Fox auditioned for this show, before auditioning successfully for Family Ties.
All the King's Men - Oscars all round – for Best Picture, for Broderick Crawford as politician Willie Stark, and for the magnificent Mercedes McCambridge, making her screen debut. The initially idealistic, working-class Stark follows the dangerous road of real politik as he rises to become governor of an un-named Southern state, and is ultimately assassinated. R film à clef based on the career of Louisiana Governor Huey P Long.

Although seemingly set in the South, it was filmed largely on location around Stockton, east of San Francisco in northern California. After being elected governor, Willie Stark makes his victory speech from the balcony of the Hotel Stockton, 133 East Weber Avenue between North El Dorado Street and North Hunter Street.

It closed as a hotel in 1960 and, now on the register of historic places, has been renovated as private apartments. North on El Dorado is City Hall, Civic Court at North El Dorado Street, on the steps of which Stark is finally gunned down.

Always - Considered by many to represent a low point in Steven Spielberg's career, 1990's Always did suggest something of a temporary drift in the director's sensibility. A remake of the classic Spencer Tracy film A Guy Named Joe, Always stars Richard Dreyfuss as a Forest Service pilot who takes great risks with his own life to douse wildfires from a plane. After promising his frightened fiancée (Holly Hunter) to keep his feet on the ground and go into teaching, Dreyfuss's character is killed during one last flight. But his spirit wanders restlessly, hopelessly attached to and possessive of Hunter, who can't see or hear him. Then the real conflict begins: a trainee pilot (Brad Johnson), a likable doofus, begins wooing a not-unappreciative Hunter--and it becomes Dreyfuss's heavenly mandate to accept, and even assist in, their budding romance. The trouble with the film is a certain airlessness, a hyper-inventiveness in every scene and sequence that screams of Spielberg's self-education in Hollywood classicism. Unlike the masters he is constantly quoting and emulating in Always, he forgets to back off and let the movie breathe on its own sometimes, which would better serve his clockwork orchestration of suspense and comedy elsewhere. Still, there are lovely passages in this film, such as the unforgettable look on Dreyfuss's face a half-second before fate claims him. John Goodman contributes good supporting work, and Audrey Hepburn makes her final screen appearance as an angel.
American Grafitti II
Atlanta Child Murders
The Big Country
The Blanco Canyon scenes were filmed in California's Red Rock Canyon State Park. The ranch and field scenes with greenery were filmed in the central California Sierra foothills near the town of Farmington
Big Stan
The Big Valley
Bound for Glory - Hal Ashby (The Last Detail, Being There) directed this lyrical and affecting 1976 biography of legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie. David Carradine gives a powerful performance as the traveling Depression-era vagabond whose music affected generations. Guthrie is portrayed as an earnest soul whose passion and empathy for the working class spurs him to inspirational heights. Ronny Cox (Deliverance, Beverly Hills Cop) plays a union organizer who sees the value in Guthrie's words and music and persuades him to put his music to good use for the people struggling to earn a living wage. Featuring Melinda Dillon as Guthrie's wife, this easygoing travelogue conveys an authentic sense of period Americana and won Academy Awards for Haskell Wexler's cinematography as well as for the score based on Guthrie's own music. Bound for Glory is an important film to see for anyone in love with the origins of folk music and interested in its place in the 20th century.
Broadcasting Sunshine - San Joaquin Film Society featured four short movies produced by Delta’s RTV students during the organization’s 4th San Joaquin International Film Festival on March 20. The movies – “Blur,” “Lockdown,” “Illusia,” and a 30-minute preview of “Broadcasting Sunshine” – were part of the festival’s “Delta Day” program held in the Tillie Lewis Theatre
Cape Fear -

The outdoor scenes were filmed on location in Savannah, Georgia, Stockton, California and in the Universal Studios Backlot at Universal City, California. The indoor scenes were done at Universal Studios Soundstage. Mitchum had a real-life aversion to Savannah, where as a teenager, he had been charged with vagrancy and put on a chain gang. This resulted in a number of the outdoor scenes being shot at Ladd's Marina in Stockton, California, including the culminating conflict on the houseboat at the end of the movie.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Coast to Coast -

Coast to Coast is a 1980 comedy film starring Dyan Cannon and Robert Blake, directed by Joseph Sargent. The screenplay was written by Stanley Weiser. The original score was composed by Charles Bernstein. The film was shot in Stockton, California. The film's tagline is: "Either way, love will win in the end."

Cool Hand Luke - Paul Newman brought his dazzling good looks to Stockton in 1967 for the filming of Cool Hand Luke, which also starred George Kennedy. They built a chapel and other structures near the rattly old Brandt Bridge on the Roberts Island side of the San Joaquin River. This now-gone bridge played a big part in the movie, as did the chapel.
Day of Independence
Dead Man on Campus -

A 1998 comedy film starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tom Everett Scott. It centers on the urban legend that a student gets straight As if his or her roommate commits suicide (see pass by catastrophe). Two friends attempt to find a depressed roommate in order to push him over the edge and receive As.

To boost ticket sales in the theater, the film's US release was timed with the start of the new college school year in late August 1998. It is the first film by MTV Films to have an R rating (the first two films - Joe's Apartment and Beavis and Butt-head Do America - had PG-13 ratings). The film was shot at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.

Death Machines - Just wind 'em up and watch them chop, kick, maim and murder. They're the human death machines, masters of deadly martial arts, and they must be all costs! Kung fu cacophony stars Michael Chong, Ron Marchini. 93 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; theatrical trailer.
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
Dreamscape - The 'research institute' was represented by a number of different actual locations. The University of The Pacific was the main exterior with the entrance to 'Knoles Hall' being the most recognizable (see link). It can be found in Northern California, 80 miles east of San Francisco at 3601 Pacific Ave
Fat City - A powerful and gripping story about personal wins and losses in the raw rugged world of amateur boxing. Directed by legendary Oscar®-winning filmmaker John Huston (1949 Best Director Best Screenplay The Treasure of the Sierra Madre) the film stars the incredible talents of Stacy Keach (American History X TV's "Mike Hammer") Jeff Bridges (Jagged Edge The Mirror Has Two Faces) Candy Clark (At Close Range American Graffiti) and Susan Tyrrell (Cry-Baby Powder) in her 1972 Best Supporting Actress Oscar®-nominated. Running Time: 96 Min
Friendly Fire
Funky Fresh
Glory Days
God's Little Acre - Hard to believe that Erskine Caldwell's God's Little Acre was, for years, the bestselling novel ever published. This 1958 film adaptation gives little reason for that status, being a curiously inert combination of sweaty Southern passion and rustic comedy. Thanks to director Anthony Mann's exacting eye for outdoor photography, the film is a pleasure to look at, and Elmer Bernstein's score makes it swell to listen to. Robert Ryan, always good at obcessives, plays a patriarch convinced gold is buried on his farm. He's aided by a gallery of future TV stars: Tina Louise (Gilligan's Island) as the lip-lickin' sexpot every living male tries to seduce; Jack Lord and Vic Morrow as her husband and brother; Buddy Hackett as a would-be politician; Michael Landon as an albino (thus giving new meaning to the term "white trash"). This gumbo has some fun flavors, but they don't quite blend. 
High Time - Scripted by Garson Kanin, Frank Waldman and Tom Waldman. It was originally titled "Big Daddy", with the starring role to be played by Gary Cooper. When Cooper's terminal illness forced him to turn down the role, Bing Crosby was signed as lead, and the script was revised to his requirements. It was filmed in Stockton, California, at the University Of The Pacific, Stockton Junior High School, Amos Alonzo Stagg Senior High School and other locations in Stockton.
Hot Shots Part Deux
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960) - Included much filming on the Delta. Its stars included Tony Randall, Eddie Hodges, Jr. and boxing great Archie Moore. The once-grand sternwheeler Delta King was a derelict by the time this movie was filmed in 1960. But they tacked a couple of fake stacks on the old girl, side-tied a tugboat to her for power, and filmed her from angles that did not reveal her wheel-less stern. She looked quite proud in the movie, parts of which were filmed in the Stockton Deepwater Channel by Windmill Cove Marina
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Relive the fun and excitement of keeping up with the Joneses in Indian Jones and the Last Crusade on DVD, now digitally restored and remastered frame-by-frame fro the ultimate picture and featuring sweeping 5.1 digital surround sound. In a prologue that reveals a young Indiana Jones (River Phoenix) in one of his first adventures, this thrilling screen epic continues as an adult Indy (Harrison Ford) embarks on a perilous quest for his cantankerous father, Professor Henry Jones, Sr. (Sean Connery). The Nazis are on the trail of the Holy Grail, and have kidnapped Indy's father, the foremost authority on the cup of Christ. Follow Indy as he inches through the rat-filled catacombs of Venice, battles Nazi flying aces in a thrilling biplane dogfight, and braves the thunderous firepower of an unstoppable tank. And behold the Holy Grail's power to give and take life, as Indy and his father race against time in this timeless classic on DVD.
Inventing the Abbotts - Some scenes filmed at University of the Pacific.
More American Graffiti - Six years after American Graffiti, George Lucas answered the call for an update on his classic characters with this ambitious sequel. You definitely need to know the original to have an emotional investment in More American Graffiti, as the action is spread over four different New Year's Eves in the sixties. Milner is drag racing, the Toad is dodging bullets in Vietnam, Debbie is a San Francisco hippie, and Steve and Laurie weather a domestic crisis. The cast is back, save for the AWOL Richard Dreyfuss; even Harrison Ford pops up for an amusing cameo. The busy rock soundtrack is there too, but the old magic is dissipated in labored comedy and obvious social comment. The most interesting thing about the film is director Bill Norton's decision to shoot the segments in different styles, a bold move that pays off in the gritty, TV-news look of the Vietnam sequences.
Oklahoma Crude - Filmed on the Ospital Ranch
Porgy & Bess
Raiders of the Lost Arc
Filmed in Stockton, California in 1986 and received nationwide American release in 1992.
RPM (1970) - Luke Delson (David Arquette) is a professional car jacker who is currently residing in Los Angeles. After a call, he decides to go to Nice, to track a car for Constantine Charkos, named RPM, which is significant cause it is driving without any fuel, and ofers him 1 billion $ to steal it. But with the police detective on his tail, Biggerman, the man who builted RPM, and also his sister Claudia (Famke Janssen), who wants the money, on his tail, he will find it very difficult to steal the car. Along the way, he meets Charkos'es girl (Emmanuelle Seigner), who wants her car back (which Luke has stole, but Claudia took it), and she helps him steal the RPM in exchange of bringing her car back, and the two eventually start a romance.
Sam Whiskey -
Strawberry Statement
Steamboat Round The Bend
Take the Money and Run
This is Spinal Tap (1984)
The Sure Thing
Valentino's Return
World's Greatest Athlete



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