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Sep 15

Typical Uses for Molding are Door and Window Casings
Molding is used to create shadow and definition on a surface, to separate elements, to cover unsightly seams, and to bring decorative detail into a room. In modern architecture, molding is used less than it is in decorative, traditional styles. Some typical uses for molding are door and window casings, crown molding (at the highest point on a wall), baseboards (at the lowest point on the wall), and on furniture.

Sep 14
Reining in Fees and Fraud Associated with Reverse Mortgages
The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 contains a provision intended to help seniors by reining in fees and fraud associated with reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgages were created largely for seniors who are cash-poor and house-rich - meaning they have a lot of equity in their homes but little or no savings. This type of loan allows homeowners 62 or older to borrow against their equity. But unlike traditional home loan products, no payment is due on a reverse mortgage until the homeowner moves, sells or dies.
Sep 13
Sprawl Negatively Impacts Land, Air, and Water Quality Urban sprawl, also known as suburban sprawl, is a multifaceted concept, which includes the spreading outwards of a city and its suburbs to its outskirts to low-density, auto-dependent development on rural land, with associated design features that encourage car dependency. As a result, some critics argue that sprawl has certain disadvantages, including:
Sep 12

Maintenance Has a Bearing on Property Values Itís always just those small things that have a tendency to trip people up, Cracked and missing caulking around doors and windows, or perhaps a furnace filter hasnít been cleaned or replaced in a long while. This may not appear like very much, but with that missing caulking, water could seep into your sheathing, resulting in mold or rot. Before you know what's happening, youíre facing an expensive $5,000 repair which could have been avert with a $4 worth of caulking and a half hour's time.

Sep 11

Controlling the water on on your site.
Underground water and runoff from rain and snow pose a threat both to the structural integrity of the foundations and to below-grade interior living space. Wet basements and cracked foundations are difficult to fix after the fact, but good perimeter drainage, both at grade and down at the footings, is a cheap and easy way to prevent problems. If you follow these rules of thumb for perimeter grading and drain tile, youíll sleep easy knowing that the water control systems you buried today wonít bubble up into a problem somewhere down the road.

Sep 10
Home-Buying Decisions Made with Heart and Head
A home is More Than a Bedroom Count, Square-footage or Number of Bathrooms . A recent survey discovers both Men and Women Make their Home-Buying Decisions using Head and Heart Price while square-footage are both important aspects to think about when choosing a home although according to a recent survey with 1,000 of both men and women, show they both rely upon their sense of feel and the way a home fits their lifestyle when
Sep 09

Just What is the Home Sellers Role?
For sellers, it's time to put their houses on stage and their home is the star Let's look at the role the sellerís play, and the size of their part? It varies, The personalities of some sellers make them "hands-on"; while other sellers consider the agent to be the professional with vast knowledge and experience and want the the agent to handle the transaction, as they are just too busy to be worrying about day-to-day stuff

Sep 08

Five Tips for Making the Best of Fall Home Buying
Recently real estate survey reports that around 27 percent of people in season of fall home buying are first-time buyers. Although spring is most often the peak time of real estate activity, the buyer market this year should result a healthy spike of real estate activity during the fall months

San Joaqin Historical Museum
Sep 07

Micke Grove - A True Family Park
A gift from the late Lodi farmer turned philanthropist William G. Micke, this 132-acre park remains one of the most popular attractions in San Joaquin County. Micke Grove features:

  • Micke Grove Zoo
  • Wortley Lake, a three-acre lake accentuated by a 40-ft water fountain.
  • The Japanese Garden, a favorite wedding spot with Cherry Blossom trees, Tea House and Koi pond.
  • The San Joaquin County Historical Museum
  • Fun Town at Micke Grove, offering amusement rides, carnival-inspired treats and party packages.
Sep 06

Use Your Foresight to Avoid Buyer's Remorse
September 6, 2014.  You can be certain even while in the midst of such uncertainty. Pundits and professionals cannot agree on where prices are going and other circumstances of the current housing market, however if you're positive you want to join the ranks of homeowners, or to sell now and move to your next "best place," then go for it.

Sep 05
Preparing Your Home to Sell This Fall
Fall Home SellingThe Fall Time of Year Typically Sees Some Slow Down in Home Sales However, The beauty of autumn helps in creating on the spot curb appeal to your home. The warm pumpkin tones of the leaves in, red and gold provide a lovely natural backdrop for your property. It's for certain that the rich colors of fallí along with it's warm hues will help in creating a notable first impression of your home. Now take the extra step by doing a little work and make your home that much more ready to sell this fall.
Sep 04

Water Heater Maintenance 101
Water heaters generally have a lifespan of 8-12 years, but as with anything, the better care you take of it, the longer it will last. There are several easy "set it and forget it" tips that you can use with your water heater, like keeping the thermostat at 120 degrees, and always maintain two feet of clearance around the appliance. You can also conserve money on your gas bill by setting your heater to its "vacation" setting when leaving town. This will keep the pilot light going without heating the water.  Full Story

Sep 03
Why it's the Right Time to Buy a Home Now
So you missed the boat on the summer buying season, huh? If you've got kids in school, you probably think you have to stay put now for another year. But maybe not. Here are a few reasons you should buy a house right now. Inventory is down but so is the buyer pool. That means prices may be coming down.

You may well have less competition for homes right now, especially if you're in the ultra-competitive first-time buyer market. That means your chances of finding a homeóand getting it for the right priceóare good.

"The real estate market supposedly shines in the spring and summer sun, but fall is where the deals are found," said AOL. Read More

The power of colors can alter your mood along with your attitude towards life!
Keep reading to discover how to drench your home in happy colors. Throughout the years there has been much research in an attempt to grasp and utilize how color influences our homes and places of work. These findings have filtered down into everything from trendy wall colors to furniture and throw pillows. We live in a world with visual experiences. We see department stores displays and we are drawn to products. We even buy things simply from impulse because we just like the way in which they look!  Read More
Home inspections are essential to real estate Transactions
As soon as you have an accepted contract on your home, ordering a home inspection is an important element of the enigma. Preparing for an inspection may be just as important. In fact, I strongly believe that those home sellers who spend a little extra time getting ready for the home inspection will have a more efficient inspection Full Story
Sep 02

Questions About Your Homeowners Association?
This Book Has Answers

How much should your condominium association maintain in reserves? Is your association's insurance sufficient to protect unit owners faced with some kind of disaster? What role does the Federal Housing Administration, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac play when lenders are deciding whether to make you a loan to purchase or refinance a condo unit? There are no easy answers to these questions, but there is help available. Full Story

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After the Mexican War ended Captain Charles Weber settled the land grant after considerable work and during the fall of 1847, the people named on the grant provided Weber some optimism of a achieving a permanent settlement, so he had the land surveyed into town lots.

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